This project is currently on hiatus.

Thank you for all your contribution to the Anadolu Projesi game series. With all the fans, all the discussions, and the lore... I couldn't have asked for a better community. Even if it's small and doesn't get to touch many people, it really helped me. It made me feel I could do something on my own, and prove my self-confidence to me further.

It's been 2 years, and I've gone under countless horrible things, but I still didn't give up in this project. And now, I have made two games, and an album. This has been a heart-warming journey so far, for me, and hopefully for everyone that supported me in this. Anadolu Projesi is now under a hiatus since 18 June 2022, and maybe it will stay that way forever. Important things are coming up, and I sadly have to leave the development aside, and focus on more important things. Hopefully, Anadolu Projesi will come back with an even better grasp of things, like a flower in spring. Until then, the fate of Anadolu Projesi is sealed.


Everyone here waved their goodbye. This is the final page.

❤ Good night. ❤